BIOTHERM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The luxury skin care brand of French cosmetics giant L´Oréal, has a large and lively Facebook community. Together with the Cologne-based agency Mediarevolte      I developed a campaign for an underwater fashion shooting. We asked the members of the online community to participate and to apply to become the model for the shooting and thus the face for Biotherm Aquasource. The campaign was a big success, running more than 4 weeks with daily updates.

 The claim for Biotherm Aqasource is "The beauty from the deep". I wanted my beauty from the deep to be beautiful but yet a little bit dangerous. She is accompanied by a plethora of small plankton bubbles, Aquasource´s main ingredience. With the second image I wanted to express the French savoir-vivre. But the balloons also resemble the plankton bubbles.

Following the success of the first campaign the second peaked in an underwater shooting on the beautiful island of La Digue. Here the beauty of light and the exotic touch of the girls were the main theme.